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CS GO : Village

Hello everyone!

Today I present you my map Village on the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

During a one-week workshop on the Hammer software, I had to make a map for the Wingman mod which was to favor short range weapons.

For my part, I started on the production of a level inspired by a village in the south of France. And so I had to create small streets and main streets. And to understand the layout of an old French village, that is to say a town hall in the heart of the village, with shops and public services (such as postal services), police services and houses of course.

To break the lines of fire on the main square, I added trees and a lot of assets like barrels, tables and chairs.

I also created indoor passages to force players to fight in narrower areas.

The point of appearance of the Counter Terrorists is closer to the bomb site than the Terrorists.

Feel free to test my map and make feedback on it.

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